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Drosophila Neural Development
  • Rohit Joshi, Liping Sun, Richard Mann. (2010). Understanding the functional specificity of two Hox proteins. Genes and Development, Vol 24, p1533-45.

  • Rohit Joshi, Jonathan M. Passner, Remo Rohs, Rinku Jain, Alona Sosinsky, Michael A. Crickmore, Vinitha Jacob, Aneel K. Aggarwal, Barry Honig, and Richard S. Mann. (2007). Functional Specificity of a Hox Protein Mediated by the Recognition of Minor Groove Structure. Cell, Vol 131, p530-543.

  • Remo Rohs, Xiangshu Jin,Sean M.West, Rohit Joshi, Barry Honig, and Richard S. Mann; Origins of Specificity in Protein-DNA Recognition. 2010. Annual Review in Biochemistry, Vol 79, p233-69.

  • Richard S. Mann, Katherine M. Lelli and Rohit Joshi (2009). Hox Specificity: Unique Roles for Cofactors and Collaborators. Current Topics in Developmental Biology; Vol 88; Burlington Academic Press, p66-101.
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