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Protein Sequence:

Hansa requires a protein sequence with any of the three options below as:

1. A database identifier (eg. Swissprot ID:"O00217" or NCBI GI:"2499325" or REFSEQ:"NP_002487" or GenBank:"AAB51776").
2. Formatted text as per the specification of FASTA/PEARSON format. The first line starts with a ">" and an identifier of the protein sequence and sequences following from the second line which can be pasted in the textarea.
3. Protein sequence in Fasta format uploaded from the disk.

An example of protein sequence in fasta format is given here under for reference.
>sp|O00217|NDUS8_HUMAN mitochondrial OS=Homo sapiens GN=NDUFS8 PE=1 SV=1

Mutation List

Hansa requires atleast one mutation for predicting it's effect over the given protein sequence. The correct format of mutation list must have "WILD TYPE AMINOACID" "SPACE" "POSITION NUMBER" "SPACE" "MUTANT TYPE AMINOACID" in each line. More than one mutation can be provided for a protein sequence. The tools predicts effect of each mutation from the mutation list.

An example list of mutation(s) is provided here for reference.
R 102 H
P 79 L

References for HANSA:
Vishal Acharya and H.A.Nagarajaram (2012) Human Mutation 33 332-337
Vishal Acharya and H.A.Nagarajaram (2013) Human Mutation 34 407

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