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Dr. Murali Bashyam
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Molecular Oncology
A comparative assessment of adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus by using a combination of molecular pathology and molecular genetics and genomics; funded by the Department of Biotechnology.

Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), the predominant form of esophageal cancer in India, is an aggressive cancer associated with high mortality. In contrast, esophageal, adenocarcinoma (EA) is more common in the West. We have performed the first detailed molecular and clinico-pathological comparison of ESCC and EA tumour samples from India. The frequency of EGFR activation and Wnt signaling as against p53 inactivation were significantly different between the two subtypes. Interestingly, the differences were also replicated in adenosquamous mixed tumor samples, perhaps indicating independent origin of the two components. We are currently working to identify and characterize genetic events important for ESCC progression. We have commenced aCGH based identification of deregulated genes in ESCC with the aim of identifying novel drug targets.

People involved
  • P Ramaswamy: SRF; Awarded USD 500.00 stipend from CSHL, USA to attend the 'Mechanisms and Models of Cancer' meeting in 2012
  • K Padmavathi: Project Assistant
Funding agencies : DBT
Contact Information
Email: bashyam<at>cdfd.org.in

Phone: +91-40-24749383
Fax: +91-40-24749448
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