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Note:This page contains unpublished data available for download. Please take the permission of the principal investigator at jnagaraju@cdfd.org.in before publishing any kind of analysis involving complete set of EST sequences.

EST Sequence data

Antheraea assama

All ESTs  35,722 sequences
Embryo (96 hrs after oviposition)  11,502 sequences
Brain (fifth instar)    5,299 sequences
Testis (fifth instar)    4,235 sequences
Ovary (fifth instar)    3,891 sequences
Midgut (fifth instar)    2,439 sequences
Fatbody (fifth instar)    2,318 sequences
Middle Silkgland (fifth instar)    1,031 sequences
Posterior Silkgland (fifth instar)    2,543 sequences
Epidermis (fifth instar)    1,386 sequences
Compound Eye (fifth instar)    1,078 sequences

Samia cynthia ricini

All ESTs  19,979 sequences
Embryo (96 hrs after oviposition)    6,647 sequences
Fatbody I (12-24 hrs after injection of Candida albicans into hemocoel of 5th instar larvae)    6,681 sequences
Fatbody II (12-24 hrs after injection of E. coli into hemocoel of 5th instar larvae)    6,651 sequences

Antheraea mylitta

All ESTs    1,412 sequences
Fatbody (24 hrs after injection of E. coli into hemocoel of 5th instar larvae)    1,412 sequences

EST Annotation data

Antheraea assama Unigenes    8,197 sequences
Samia cynthia ricini Unigenes    5,121 sequences
Antheraea mylitta Unigenes       720 sequences
Antheraea assama GO annotation   13,902 GO Terms
Samia cynthia ricini GO annotation     9,498 GO Terms
Antheraea mylitta GO annotation     1,750 GO Terms
Antheraea mylitta cSNP              118 cSNP

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