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Computational Biology
Project : Human Cancer Volatome Project (Indo-European Project)

People Involved

Mr. Rahul Dhakne

My project goals involve finding potential biomarkers for breast, colon and lung cancer of different biologically volatile metabolomic signatures from breath, urine and saliva using different data mining and pattern recognition methods. Also engaged in collaborative work on conducting multivariate analysis on urine samples collected by Prof. Jose Sousa Camara for breast cancer.

In addition, I am involved in a collaborative project, which focus on modelling heterodimer of Epidermal growth factor recptor (EGFR) to elucidate the mechanism of inhibition of PPI by peptidomimetic with Prof. Seetharama Jois.

  1. Jorge Pereira, Priscilla Porto-Figueira, Carina Cavaco, Khushman Taunk, Srikanth Rapole, Rahul Dhakne, Hampapathalu Nagarajaram, José Câmara (2014) Breath analysis as a potential and non-invasive frontier in disease diagnosis. Metabolites 2014, 5, 3-55. DOI:10.3390/metabo5010003
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